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Snehavardhan Products-Fume Hood
Frontier Mono Fume Hoods

One of the most important components used to protect laboratory personnel, the Filtrox fume hood provides effective containment for hazarduous chemicals and agents used in the laboratory.

  • Industrial grade support frame constructed of CRCA steel and aluminium with oven-baked epoxy powder-coated finish  
  • Phenolic resin laminates internal liner, more corrosion-resistant and durable than other common internal liner materials  
  • A fully configurable microprocessor control with audible and visual alarms for unsafe conditions   (optional)
  • Standard vertical rising fail-safe counter-balanced tempered glass sash  
  • Electrical system designed to meet the latest international regulations and standards for safety  
  • 780 Lux intensity, flicker-free, isolated from workzone  
  • Standard systems are shipped fully assembled 
Model Working Area (mm) Material of Construction Motor Blower Mounting Power Supply Power Supply
SF-FH - 4 1350(w) x 800(d) x 600(h) Working Area Bottom Cabinet Casing Impeller Type -A mounted on the top of the Fume Hood 440V AC, 50Hz, 3-phase
SF-FH - 6 1950(w) x 800(d) x 800(h) PP MS CRCA powdered coated with epoxy FRP PP Type -A mounted on the top of the Fume Hood 440V AC, 50Hz, 3-phase

Material of Construction Stainless Steel
Working Area of wood with chemical resistant synthetic resin lining
Cupboard of mild steel (CRCA) powder coated with Epoxy Synthetic Resin.
Blower Stainless Steel
Motor Blower mounting Type-B; mounted on wall
Power Supply 230V AC, 50Hz, single phase

  • Specially designed blowers can also be provided to suit the customer's requirement.
  • 90º bend, duct length of exhaust to be provided by the customer at actuals.
  • The exhaust ducting, piping for the drain, gas, etc., is not under our scope of supply.