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Snehavardhan Products-Poultry Isolator

Filtrox Poultry Isolator is manufactured to meet the stringent demands of animal research on various species of fowl. This sealed isolation system retains all airborne pathogens and allergens, assuring maximum containment of hazardous agents from sensitive areas, and protects the occupants from any macro environmental influences. Internal hose and heater connections are provided to allow continual occupation over the life of the animal. The Filtrox Poultry Isolator is constructed from fully seam welded stainless steel panels with glove ports. Internal connections for electric, water, and light are sealed with water-tight components or neoprene gaskets. The 8 sq. ft. living space is positioned at a comfortable working height to enable full access of the interior with the supplied full length gloves. The entire enclosure is leak tested and the filtration units are independently certified

General Features
  • Negative pressure/Positive pressure operation for isolation
  • HEPA filtered air inlet
  • Washable inlet and exhaust prefilters
  • Magnehelic gauge for visual confirmation of negative pressure
  • Regulator for airflow adjustment
  • 10” Submerged pass-through with lid and 28 gallon tub
  • Gasketed view screen with glove ports for internal manipulation
  • Adjustable height automatic watering
  • Removable Stainless Steel Feeder
  • Dual valve, internal hose connection for wash down
  • Hydraulic door lifts
  • Sealed, internal fluorescent light
  • 3”Waste gate valve
  • Steel Casters
  • 2 gallon supply reservoir for watering system
  • 12 sq. ft. internal area
  • Exhaust-blower to HEPA filter exhaust
  • Adjustable height feet
OA: 1350mm”W x 725mmD x 2386H
Internal Work Area: 1300W x 700”D x 600”H
OA: 1950mm”W x 725mmD x 2386H
Internal Work Area: 1900W x 700”D x 600”H